Imaging Technology Courses

  • 3 days imaging technology course
  • Industrial, medical, space, photography, automotive, UAV, drones - photo by A. Darmont
  • 3D, high speed, CCD, CMOS, mobile, IR, image processing, photography - photo by B. Dupont
  • From light sources to usable images

Standard locations

Short course picture 1

Courses can be organized anywhere on request, however Aphesa uses some standard locations where courses are regularly organized.

  • Spa, Belgium
  • Liège, Belgium
  • Brussels, Belgium (airport)
  • Stuttgart, Germany (airport and convention center)
  • San Francisco, California (downtown)
  • Boston, Massachusetts
  • Miami, Florida
  • Montreal, Canada
  • Yokohama, Japan
  • Hong-Kong, China
  • Singapore