Imaging Technology Courses

  • 3 days imaging technology course
  • Industrial, medical, space, photography, automotive, UAV, drones - photo by A. Darmont
  • 3D, high speed, CCD, CMOS, mobile, IR, image processing, photography - photo by B. Dupont
  • From light sources to usable images

Arnaud Darmont

Arnaud Darmont is founder of Aphesa, a company founded in 2008 and specialized in image sensor consulting, the EMVA1288 standard and camera benchmarking. He holds a degree in Electronic Engineering from the University of Li├Ęge (Belgium). Prior to founding Aphesa, he worked for over 7 years in the field of CMOS image sensors design and design management and high dynamic range imaging. He is also a photographer and a freelance business consultant and business development manager. Arnaud has published several books and articles and holds patents. He is one of the chairs of the Electronic Imaging "Image Sensors and Imaging Systems" conference.

About Aphesa

Image sensor on Aphesa camera

Aphesa is an image sensor and camera consulting company offering services like custom camera design, characterization of image sensors and cameras using the EMVA1288 standard and other methods, selection of image sensors, training, algorithm development and more.